Philipp Rupprecht

Hi, I am Philipp, 24 years old, born and raised in Munich. During my childhood, I developed a deep passion for cars. But not just cars, also for beautiful shapes, architecture, and design. When I was 14, I stumbled upon my dad’s camera which I immediately started to play around with. Soon, I discovered my passion for cars worked perfectly with my interest in creating beautiful things, and I started to shoot cars. My work isn’t just about the car. It’s also about finding great scenery and locations that make the cars look even better once positioned in the right spot. The idea is to draw all the attention to the car, but still offer an impressive background. From this, my third passion was born; travelling to find the best spots to photograph cars.
What I love about my work is capturing the uniqueness of each automobile, showing the power of hypercars while highlighting the beautiful details and clever designs of each model. With a background in engineering, I do not only focus on the design, but also the technical highlights of each vehicle. By combining all of my skills for every shoot, I hope that my passion for cars and photography translates to the viewers.
Nowadays I photograph anything on wheels; from multi-million-dollar hypercars to low budget road trips to the ends of the Earth. Enough for now, GET OUT AND DRIVE.

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