Natalia Evelyn Bencicova

I have been using the medium of photography since 2012 but it is difficult to trace where my journey really began. I grew up in Slovakia in a huge housing complex where the only view was the windows of other people. It seemed like hundreds of identical screens but always with a different story. As a child I used to observe all these people through these rectangular frames and based my whole imagination on the very few details which fit inside. But I thought I knew more than I saw. I imagined the whole apartment, the entire reality, and my fantasy was always expressed in pictures.I study photography and fine art at the University of Applied Art in Vienna. In my work I am trying to pursue that point where the commercial and the artistic converge, focusing on a conceptual as well as visual aspect of photography.I work mostly on staged scenes and taking the picture is only the last, sometimes easiest step of the whole process. My main role is to create a whole world and for a moment transform idea into reality. We often create fiction but it is based on truth. At the age of 19 I decided to capture my vision and truth through the eye of a camera and share it with the world. I have never stopped to this day. 

I cannot put any classification on my style. To always evolve and develop is the most important goal in work and life.


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