Jvdas Berra

I was born in Mexico and am a self-taught fashion and fine art photographer based in Los Angeles and New York. I have always been a very creative and visual person as far back as I can remember. I am an inveterate dreamer and firmly believe that all of us can make our dreams come true. The secret to doing that is hard work and a strong belief in yourself no matter what other people say.Photography is my passion, my life itself, the air I breathe and the light with which I can create windows to other worlds full of beauty and perfection. My photography has no technique, it is chaos, it is instinct, it is a living and worldly reflection of the need to capture the beauty and time in front of my eyes.I consider myself a lucky person. In this almost 5-year career I have been able to meet wonderful people who have helped me achieve my goals. The credit is not all mine, it is the whole team of people who have supported me with their specific talents. For I have always believed good teamwork is the basis of perfection. So far my work has been published in fashion magazines such as Vogue, Elle, Marie Claire and many more.


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