Justin Lister

I have always had a passion for image-making since I was a young child. I would spend most of my day drawing pages from my favorite comic books or characters from my favorite movies. I found photography at a young age but lost touch with it somewhere along the way, making a living working construction and just living life. After a major health scare, I realized life is too short not to pursue my dreams, traveling and photography. I absorbed everything I could about lighting, photography and image-making. To this day, I have never lost the passion or desire to learn more and push myself. My wife and I have also made it a priority in our lives to travel often, so we take three trips a year, either cross country with our dogs in tow or overseas to explore other cultures.

“Cinematic Portraits” is how I describe my work. My images tend to be dark and moody and I often use multiple lights to achieve this look. I always know what I am going to do before I start by sketching out each shot and lighting setup. This helps me communicate my idea exactly to my client/model and choose locations and wardrobe for the shoot. Sometimes it is impossible to achieve the image all in camera, so I will use compositing to tell the story I want. When I travel, I am always photographing elements and amazing landscapes to use in images later. I love how with lighting and compositing, I can make any image I can imagine.


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