Ilona D. Veresk

Hi! I'm Ilona D. Veresk, a fashion, advertising and fine art photographer from Moscow.
I started photographing in 2013 as a simple, fun hobby. I am not sure how, but that hobby has become a profession and the meaning of life.
I was born in 1993 in Izhevsk. I was a very introverted but creative child. To no secret, I am grateful to my mother for her patience, support, and for giving me every opportunity to work on my interests. I did not even think about how productive the work could be if you enjoy it. Alas, in my hometown there were no opportunities for creative self-realization. This prompted me to move to Moscow at the age of 18. I liked the city’s artistic culture which inspired me to work harder on myself.
From there, I became interested in the advertising industry. Later my work turned into something between fashion and surrealism. In each of my series or photos, there is a story of some escape from reality. No matter how fantastical the work, I try to make it as realistic as possible - a fairy tale or a dream that you believe in.
Currently, I am an advertising/fashion photographer, art director, and producer of my own magical stories. I like the process of organizing, preparing, and selecting the seeds from which the picture will grow into a finished image after post-production.
My goal in creativity and life is personal improvement and development through photography.

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