David Sheldrick

Adventure prone and ambitious, I was born in London to an English father and Korean mother, and the middle child of five. I had an international and lively upbringing from the very beginning. My parents moved me and my brothers and sisters between Europe and Asia, blessing me with a proper East-West experience while growing up, which has definitely become a defining factor in who I am today. Coming from a science and fine art background, I picked up my first camera as an 18-year-old having just finished my studies at Sutton Grammar School and decided to go spend a gap year in South Korea to learn Korean and more about Korean culture. My gap year turned into three years and was one of the best times of my life. I refer to this period as my ‘coming of age’ and was the time I realized that being a photographer could be a better life than studying Disaster Management, which I was intending to get into at the time. Having spent some years assisting and working in Korean studios, I returned to London at the age of 21 to begin my university studies at London College of Fashion, where I graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Fashion Photography in 2015.

In photography I am ultimately interested in people, and regardless of whether I am shooting fashion, landscape or food (although I specialize in fashion), I believe all photography relates to aspects of humanity and our behaviour. It is this core theme across all the genres of photography that most interests me and the continued exploration and documentation of the human condition that I wish to pursue.


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