In cooperation with our partners for memory solutions

In cooperation with our partners for memory solutions

Manuel Mittelpunkt

Wrapping Scents

The well known Qvest magazine commissioned me to make a photo series for their next issue.

The perfumes are for men and women.

With very little time I prepared a concept with a team of the magazine where we decided to wrap the perfume bottles in wrapping paper. So the theme was „Wrapped up perfumes“. A little set of paper for the background provided the rest of the scene.

After having a nice concept prepared, it was of course also necessary to have good equipment at hand. I wanted to work clean and graphic in order to get the full focus on the flasks, so I used two flash lights, which got their power from the Scoro:

1 x Pulso G (3200WS) with Standard Reflector
1 x Pulso G (3200WS) with 35x60cm Softbox


I took the standard reflectors for the lights und placed it in a 90 degree angle over the set. On the side I used a 35x60cm Softbox in order to get more light from the front. The light was now very clean and beautiful. It wasn ́t my plan to use all too many lamps, because the idea behind the photo series was to reach a sensual touch. Sometimes it ́s better to show less.

I love placing light in a 90 degree angle from above, because you get great shading on the products.

The funny thing of this shooting was that we used two water bottles as a help. Well, sometimes it ́s necessary to improvise. I also needed two stylists to wrap up the perfumes, because two hands weren't enough in order to fix the bands, ribbons and wrapping paper.


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