In cooperation with our partners for memory solutions

In cooperation with our partners for memory solutions

Jason Jia


About using the lighting method of combining continuous light and natural light

After I accepted this shooting mission, I’ve always been thinking about the application of light. The shooting subject was the make-up model with the theme of an animal. We decided to use the theme „Wolf“ for the model after I have discussed it with the hair stylist and the makeup stylist. Then the stylist worked out a manuscript and we’ve found the most suitable model who was available according to the makeup style.

The sun was shining on our shooting day. The dresser used her cosmetic pencil to draw brown eyeliner on the model’s face, making the  model’s eye blurred. When the direct sunlight was on the model’s face, I suddenly wanted to give up the original lighting idea. At first, I wanted to create a drama stage light, which means only using the simple light and a reflector. The white wall and the dark shadow will create a sharp contrast.

When I saw the scene, I gave up the lighting method which I mentioned above. It’s obvious what effect it will create. Therefore, I made an interim decision to use natural light. I asked for my assistant to find a white board which is similar to the wall as the background. I placed the board close to the window, making the direct sunlight on the board through the window projection. Everything is ready and the model’s make-up is also finished. It looked very like the wolf. We were expecting our shooting.

After the stylist finished changing simple color clothes for the model, we began with the shooting process. When the model was getting closer to the picture, I took the first photo. I was not satisfied with the picture effect since the unclear background shadow and the very strong light on model’s face affected the make-up details. I changed the distance between the board and the window to about 1.5 meters. Then I added a continuous light HMI F400 whose direction was the same as the sunshine. I adjusted the power of the continuous light to make it similar as the sunshine. The continuous light diffused circularly while I wanted it vertical. I used a blackboard to cover both sides, which made the details and the color of the eye make-up more obvious.
We began to shoot when everything was ready. The model showed some howling and wolf-crazy expression, which made a good effect. The final effect is extremely amazing.