In cooperation with our partners for memory solutions

In cooperation with our partners for memory solutions

Justin Lister


I was commissioned to photograph WNBA player Tiffany Bias in an imaginary workout scenario. My goal was to really use backlight and flare to make the shots seem more epic and heroic. I decided to have my light stands and scrims in the shots to make it obvious it was a film set.

I setup an 8x8 scrim and placed a 5 foot Octobox 150 and a Move 1200L head behind it. Outside the window I placed a Siros L 800 and shoot through umbrella at full power. Next I used the Para 133 with a Siros L 800 to light her front and a diffused bounce umbrella with a Move 1200L head to light her back. The lights were all set on freeze mode which shortens the flash duration in order to better freeze action.


I used a wide angle lens and photographed from a low angle in order to exaggerate her movements and make the shot more dynamic. This angle is also a great way to make your subject seem more heroic and powerful.

I had her do various jumps, work with a medicine ball, and do different stretches to get a variety of options. A little side note; I have never had to replace a Siros L battery yet during a shoot day. I really cannot believe how many flashes are in those little batteries, quite impressive!

For her standing shot, I lit her from above with a diffused umbrella on a Move 1200 L head and used the Para 133 with the Siros L as a fill.