In cooperation with our partners for memory solutions

In cooperation with our partners for memory solutions

Dimitriy Rogozhkin

What we are looking for

There are artistic works with specific meanings, movies, pictures or paintings that were made with a goal in mind, a message or feeling that the creator wants to transmit.  

My latest work has a different concept.

An open option for everyone to come to particular conclusions, the possibility to create a personal interpretation of my work. 

Only the title or name of the work will somehow suggest a subtle idea of what I had on mind while creating this piece of art. 

This composition was created with shots that were made in different locations: Russia and Holland.

As for the sun, I used the Siros 400 L with the big Softbox 90/120 to soften the sun's rays during the sunset due to the fact that we were shooting against the sunlight.

The death character and the sitting king were shot at my town, in a natural environment with natural light. I simulated the sunset by using a Siros 400 L and a yellow filter. 

The beautiful keys (accessories) were rented in Holland to be used in the shot as an important element. I used 3 light sources to achieve the desired effect, the Siros 400 L was used as the main source, creating a diffused light in the sky; the second light source was created with a Siros 400 L by placing it with a perpendicular angle from the main source giving it a more complex and realistic lighting to the picture.