In cooperation with our partners for memory solutions

In cooperation with our partners for memory solutions

Victoria Krundysheva


This "Web"- photo series originated as a result of my lecture on Gender and Religion in Conceptual and Fashion Photography.

With this project I wanted to address the rigid and binary perception of gender. Just like a spider's web it traps you within – barely noticeable strings at every corner of your house. We let them dictate who we are, how we dress, what we call ourselves and how we interact with each other. Every attempt of getting out only gets us trapped more. 

Cut the rope, dissolve the web. If we all decide to allow ourselves to just be without labels, definitions and stereotypes, we might just see that there is much more than just binary view of the world.

1 16

2 17

To express my idea, I wanted to stick to darker tones in the images but still add a pinch of fashion lighting. In the first frame, I created a set featuring a giant web that my model was holding on to. I also added smoke in the frame to help soften the contrast and add a sense of mystery. The lighting was the key as it needed to be consistent in mood, yet helping to highlight each individual frame.

For this image I used 5 lights. I used the Para 222 with a MobiLED as my key light, a Stripbox (30x120cm) with a MobiLED from the side as a fill and Siros L800 from the other side with a P70 Standard Reflector as a rim, creating highlights on model's cheekbone and shoulder as well as helping to add texture to the gorgeous gown in my frame. Yet, I still felt that I needed one more light. Since my model's hair was black and the background too, I wanted to separate her from the background to avoid her head merging with it. Therefore, I used a Siros L 800 with a Stripbox (30x120cm) suspended from the top on a medium intensity to provide just enough light on her head, but not to overexpose the dress. Still, at the front of my frame the dress needed a bit more light. That is why I added one more Siros L800 with a Stripbox (30x120cm) right next to my Para 222 to fill the shadows of the dress.

3 16

4 13

My next frame featured a dark grey backdrop with giant flowers spreading across. I wanted my light to be able to make the outfit pop a bit from the background, since the outfit featured a lot of grey as well. At the same time, I needed to highlight the model's gorgeous face shape. All of this while keeping the frame darker. So, I used two Stripboxes (30x120cm) from both sides of my model with Siros L800.

I added one Siros L800 with a Stripbox (30x120cm) at the top as well for the beautiful hair highlight and for a bit of background gradient that made her face pop. For the fill at the front, I used a big Softbox (90x120cm) on a MobiLED on a very low intensity and one bounce card to soften the shadows.

5 10

6 05

My third set up had once again a combination of white strings forming a random net and a black background. I wanted my models’ faces to be in the main focus with black outfits merging into the background.

Here, keeping the contrast was the key. Therefore, I had a square Softbox (60x60cm) with a MobiLED placed slightly higher on one side of my model as key light.

7 04

8 03

I also added a MobiLED with a P70 Standard Reflector placed on the other side as a rim and a bounce card at the bottom to fill the shadows and provide additional shine to the face.

This project allowed me to truly enjoy all the variety of light combinations working both with the Siros L800 and the MobiLED lamps as well as explore the ways I can maintain and control color temperature consistency of my frames to achieve the best result.