In cooperation with our partners for memory solutions

In cooperation with our partners for memory solutions




The origin of this photoshoot was to be able to test the different light shapers that I received thanks to the Gen Next program. 

Settling and starting a business in a new country takes a lot of time so having finally a free day I contacted a model, ideally I would have preferred to shoot on location but the weather in Iceland being very capricious we decided to do a project in the studio. So we did this series of photos on a vintage atmosphere with the timeless Vespa to start then an old phone as an accessory and of course an outfit that corresponds to the desired atmosphere. I was really looking forward to trying the Para 177 and the Para 88!

For the first set up with the Vespa I used the Para 88 as main light, the Para 177 as a fill light, an Octa 150 to illuminate the front of the Vespa allowing me to have a softer light for the scooter’s body but also to have an exaggerated reflection on the glass to accentuate “old/vintage“ aspect, I also added a Softbox 30x180 for the back of the Vespa and a last Softbox 30x180 to illuminate the background.



For the part of the photoshoot with the old phone and the 70s style chair I simply kept the Octa 150 positioned to the left of my model and the Para 88 as the main light.

This shoot was primarily for fun but especially to try my new light shapers I was both excited to use the Para 177 but at the same time a little lost in its use but after a few tries and failures I have discovered all its real potential and I can not wait to take it out in the wilds of Iceland.