In cooperation with our partners for memory solutions

In cooperation with our partners for memory solutions

Dimitriy Rogozhkin

Veterans in Russia


After more than 73 years, veterans of the great war (that’s how we call the second world war in Russia) are still fighting. This time the fight is not against an external enemy but one that lives among us and threats to do a deadly harm to them, it’s called: indifference and lack of support.

Veterans have always been a figure of respect and admiration in Russia. They fought a war to defend our country in incredible hard conditions (as today something almost impossible to imagine) and their survival rate were particularly low. It was definitely hard to survive the war and it’s been said that it was even harder to rebuild the country after the world. In some places of Russia it is possible to notice consequences of the war destruction, even today. Listening to any veteran story allows me to think in perspective and learn from their experience. To value peace over any other situation and to consider war the very last option and the worse possible nightmare for human race.

However, even when veterans are such an invaluable human resource for our country, some of them think that they are not receiving enough support and attention in the latest years. Some of them suffer from illness and don’t have enough resources to afford a proper treatment, so they must stay at home and receive care from their families, something that can be uncomfortable and dramatic. And then there is the lack of interest from society during recent years for these heroes, a feeling that can affect them as much as any other ailment. The number of visits it’s been spacing more and more over time and, as time pass, the opportunity for them to participate in public events are decreasing due to their unhealthy condition.



This particular topic has always been a subject of interest for me and a source of inspiration for my photography. In this occasion I decided to portrait a veteran who lives in my town and, as many others, is enduring the previous mentioned conditions. It’s my intention to call the attention to those who have a patriotic feeling base on ideals but somehow are ignoring the reality of our living heroes. Heroes who unfortunately are not going to stay much longer between us. Improving the governmental support is something that can positive affect veterans living conditions, however, it would take years to achieve such a thing. In the other hand, showing them emotional support is something that can be done by anyone at any moment and will bring happiness and warm to the heart by only paying them a visit.