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In cooperation with our partners for memory solutions


Until Dawn

It is no secret that I always have been deeply inspired by anything that is “imaginative”. From books to games and movies, they all have a deep fascination to me and constantly inspire me.

For this blog I decided to continue with my passion while at the same time trying to figure out how I could make it something new and refreshing as well. A main goal of mine for this year was to push my own boundaries creatively and create work that both resembles paintings and at the same time feel more “in depth”. In addition, I am playing more with shadows and drama which create a more cinematic approach.

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I tried many modifiers for this already. My favourite being my Stripbox (30x120cm) which was great for adding that grid of color or rim light to make my images more dramatic. Yet, for me it felt somehow limiting as it always was “the same”. I was looking for something more unpredictable and maybe more organic: that’s where the P45 modifier came in.

The P45 is a pretty strong modifier with very strong results. Adding a grids to it helps to shape the light more in a less harsh and more direct way without overblowing. For this specific set I used a medium sized grid that would still give enough strength without making anything blow out regarding highlights. For this set I worked on a black paper backdrop which would catch enough light spilling yet still would stay dark enough where only some light from my Octabox would fall.

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Light Diagram - Blog January

First of all, I placed my model as close as possible to the backdrop. After that, I placed the P45 modifiers on my Move 1200L with a MobiLED at the approximate height of my model in an almost direct horizontal line, making sure about 1/3rd of the light falls on my model’s face and shoulders while the remaining 2/3rd would fall on the backdrop. This created an interesting color dynamic and depth – as I added a yellow gel to it. The strength of my MobiLED was only varying between 2.5 to 3 stops as anything more would blow out the light and color.

If I would have used only my P45 modifier, it would have dipped everything in yellow. Since I still wanted this to be my main focus, I decided to use my 100cm Octabox again on a Siros 800 at about 4 stops to fill in some light. I positioned the light in a direct horizontal line, slightly higher than my model. Since I worked in a rather smal room, the ceiling bounced a little bit light back on top, while the rest of the light feathers out without directly impacting my subject. I took my giant 2-meter black reflector and placed it against my other wall to make sure no light would bounce back. This also created more shadows as well.

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Finally, I added a digital backdrock by “The Backdrop Studio” to make the scene complete.

Since the light has a very narrow and specific line, the effects where always different depending on how my model was standing. It was really interesting, even though it took some try-outs. After all, it created an awesome scene that kept it’s “painterly vibe” while still creating a lot of depth and drama.