In cooperation with our partners for memory solutions

In cooperation with our partners for memory solutions

David Sheldrick


Since having opened up Putney Studio, we recently expanded and bought the next unit along from us, a new 64 m2 space.

Studio 2 was designed to be used as more of a workshop, where photographers can build, paint and destroy things, without worrying too much about the mess.
Soon after opening up Studio 2, I wanted to show off different ways that the space can be used and particularly how the 5m wide stage we designed can be modified to produce interesting photography.

I often work with the students from London College of Style shooting editorials for various magazines. On this occasion we decided to use the opportunity to paint two different sets on our stage for two separate editorials. We split the stage down the middle, then painted two different styles of background for the students.



The images were taken using the Para 88 and Siros 800 S as the key light and two Siros 800 S lights rigged onto one C-stand (high & low) filling by bouncing off a white poly board.
By bouncing the Siros lights off the poly boards, we are able to create an almost shadowless light. The soft fill feels a lot more natural and makes it easier to control using the polyboards, by angling them or increasing the distance from the light you can achieve a lot of subtle fill effects.


The shoot was fun but difficult. We had to shoot two editorials on the same day, with 6-8 looks in each editorial. Working with such a small space but creating imagery that didn't feel too repetitive like a look book was the real challenge.
We also used a gloss paint which turned out to be hard to control under such tight time schedule and would recommend working with matt paint to create nice flat colour blocks.



Monochrome: Vanida Golten
Latex: Sienna Rose
Hair: Roy Hayward
MUA: Marina Belfon Rose