In cooperation with our partners for memory solutions

In cooperation with our partners for memory solutions

Anya Anti


This photoshoot I did last year in November and it was one of those photoshoots when I wasn't really prepared.

I usually put a lot of work in preparation. I develop the idea, do research and look for references, draw sketches and create mood boards, I search for a perfect location, model or outfit, I buy or make props. But this time I spent just a couple of days thinking over and I was improvising a lot. Doing photoshoots is a very interesting process. You may prepare for weeks and then something can go wrong (someone doesn’t show up, wrong prop, wrong dress, bad make up, unexpected location shifts etc) and the result can turn out not what you expected. But another time you may go with a model having no idea what to shoot and come up with great shots! So to improvise sometimes is very helpful. It makes your brain and imagination work. And next time you have a crisis during the photoshoot you'll be able to find a solution and make good shots no matter what.


I was contacted by model and actress Asya Rotella and she told me that she loves my work, is going to visit New York in November and would love to do something together. I remember I was busy working at the time and didn't have any ideas. But I liked her and wanted to do some shots together. Also I was given a new Daguerreotype Achromat 2.9/64 Art Lens by Lomography Gallery Store to do some test shots for their upcoming launch party event and I thought it would be perfect to try it for this photoshoot. So I went to Brooklyn Botanical garden to search for a nice location spot. I saw this tree with a natural hole inside of it. I thought it would be perfect for creating some dreamy and mysterious scene. I went to a craft store and bought a fake window frame and pinecones.


Regarding the light I used my Move 1200l with the Mobiled flashhead and a transparent umbrella. I've put one Mobiled into the tree hole and that was pretty much it. I experimented a lot with the position of the light to get a perfect angle and illuminate all the tree interior. I like how my lens worked with the light. Although this lens is new but it was made exactly like a vintage Achromat which was first manufactured like a hundred years ago. And shooting with old vintage lenses might be tricky especially when you work with artificial light. But this time it worked great. The first image with the tree was then printed and featured in Lomography Gallery Store in Manhattan.