In cooperation with our partners for memory solutions

In cooperation with our partners for memory solutions

Philipp Rupprecht

The Stelvio Pass


Since this was the only time available for the shoot, we proceeded as scheduled and we made a last-minute decision to shoot on the Stelvio Pass. The Stelvio Pass is one of the most known passes in the Alps with its famous 48 hairpins. It’s also the highest paved mountain pass in the Eastern Alps. While in route, I ran into more unexpected challenges as we had a flat tire on the way there. With no time to spare, we got a rental car on the way and arrived just in time, an hour before sunset.Regardless of how much you plan for a shoot, sometimes things don't always happen as plans, and then there’s mother nature. She doesn’t always cooperate with what you want when you plan to shoot outside. As a photographer, you have to be prepared and have the ability to adapt to any situation, while staying safe, in order to complete the project. This shoot was one of those instances.



The location for this next project was in the mountains of Europe, more specifically, the Alps. The weather forecast for the evening of the shoot was absolutely horrible for the whole Alps region, but this was one of those times where we didn’t have the option of rescheduling the shoot as the car would be shipped the following day.

PR 4336

Trying my best to not be too memorized by the mind-blowing view from up here, I worked as quickly as possible to capture the 720s before all the sunlight was gone. I knew I wanted some stellar action shots while we still had light, so I balanced between both action and static shots through sunset. To control the light around the 720s, I used my favorite light setups for shooting automobiles which consisted of a pair of broncolor Siros 800 L monolights.

PR 4359




One monolight was attached to the broncolor p45 narrow reflector while the other was paired with the broncolor 30 x 120 cm softbox to add softlight. I continued shooting into the night to capture more shots of the 720s. For the night shots, I ended up shooting those as long exposure shots to capture some light trails among the mountain pass. I would say the location was perfect for this shoot, hope you enjoyed the photos!