In cooperation with our partners for memory solutions

In cooperation with our partners for memory solutions

David Sheldrick

The Perfect Location Light

This summer I  had  the  opportunity  to  speak  at the ShootSIN  - an  event  hosted  in  Singapore,  which  showcases  the  latest broncolor systems & medium format cameras. There I spoke about shooting model comp cards & fashion editorials, but I also wanted to work during my time in Singapore and so I organized a location shoot near the place where we were staying.

After I had delivered my talks at the main event, broncolor Singapore kindly let me play around with a Siros L800 kit & a phase one camera system.



Before I arrived in Singapore, together with stylist Alexandra Greenhill we planned all the looks, which we took with us on the plane. Whenever I travel abroad, I always try to squeeze in a shoot if I can while travelling, but the main issues I usually face when trying to shoot abroad is sourcing suitable fashion.

A great way to pull together a relatively nice fashion production is to pre-prepare your fashion before you travel, even 2-3 looks are enough, as long as you are able to get a taste of the location you are visiting in your portfolio.

If you are able to start to put together shoots in various countries or during your travel, it is going to help you come across as a more international photographer, which hopefully ends up in more international work further down the line.

I wanted to use the lights in a way which brought the model out but not in a way which felt too lit, keeping the light   exposure well balanced with the ambient light. We used a 75 Octabox with the Siros L800 head which we would use hand held or left on a stand, particularly for any moving/tracking shots we would shoot with the light handheld.

With the Octabox modifier mounted we were able to achieve a great soft light which when pointed at the subject always keeping a distance of between 1-3m from the subject, and adjusting the power output would just cancel out any dark shadows and add an extra bit of sharpness to the images due to the lights incredibly fast flash speed.




As long as you are not using the mod light on the Siros L800 the battery really does last a long time. The Siros L systems became my favorite broncolor lights, and I would highly recommend this kit as a great kit for anyone looking to take their first steps into the broncolor world. The lights are fantastic for studio & location work, and make a very dynamic system.



Photography David Sheldrick

Styling Alexandra Greenhill

Hair & MUA Nicole Markhoff

Film Nicole Markhoff

Assistant Johnny Sheldrick

Big thanks to the broncolor Singapore team