In cooperation with our partners for memory solutions

In cooperation with our partners for memory solutions

Nils Wilbert

The fine line

When I started out on my own, it was a very scary time. Not knowing when you will get paid or if there will be a client calling any time soon. I got very lucky that I got a break with a fantastic local jeweller and it set me on this path. He had one of a kind pieces and needed photos that reflected that. I spent hours on each photo, painstakingly trying to capture the allure of each one. 

Nowadays, thankfully, it doesn’t take as long as it used to. Those initial years of doing the process over and over again has prepared me. With the current photos the concept I had in mind was to make the background an extension of the piece itself, a look into the how a number of small lines make up these exquisite pieces. 

DSC3807 1

For the set up, I placed a diffusion material over the jewellery setup and placed two Siros 800 S behind it. With the Siros 800 S on the left side, I used the ​L40 Standard Reflector with a medium honeycomb grid to create a gradient from the top to the bottom. This also helps to highlight certain parts of the jewellery itself. 

The second Siros 800 S on the right side, had a L40 Standard Reflector and was placed further away from the diffusion panel to illuminate the whole set up. 



As jewellery is very delicate and requires a very precise light, I used the Siros 800 S and Picolites with a mix of lightshapers, so that I could highlight only specific parts of the jewellery or the setup. 

There is no other light source as diverse as the Picolites, with its range of light shapers, it provides all the precision I need to get the perfect final result.