In cooperation with our partners for memory solutions

In cooperation with our partners for memory solutions

Agata Serge

The contrast diaries

Vitkac ASerge 06

I would like to share with you an editorial I shot for Vitkac, a well-known department store in Warsaw.

I am mostly recognized for the black and white images shot with available light. In my previous posts, I was showing you how was I trying to imitate the natural light in many different ways, just because I wanted to stay committed to my style and my natural environment. This time I forced myself to look outside the box and decided to create something clearly studio-like. I have decided that I need to go exactly to an opposite direction to what I normally do. However, I wanted to keep the images black and white, to at least stay faithful to my favorite tones. J

Vitkac ASerge layout 01

Vitkac ASerge layout 1

Vitkac ASerge layout 3

Vitkac ASerge 05b

I wanted to create this high contrast, theatrical light. I used the broncolor Scoro 1600S & Pulso G 1600J together with the broncolor P70 Reflector & honeycomb grid. On both sides of the set we used white and black reflectors to manipulate the light a bit, a specially that in some poses the difference in light between the face and legs of the model was a bit too visible.

What I find extremely difficult in that kind of set up is finding the right direction at first and to make that decision and say: “this is the way to go”. It took us a lot of time (me and my great assistants) to find the perfect light. I must say I am really satisfied with the roundish strong light that we achieved and I think it really fits the moodiness of the styling and the model itself. 

Vitkac ASerge 04


Photography: Agata Serge

Styling: Bogna Stepa

Make up/Hair: Koleta Gabrysiak

Model: Aneta / Uncover Models

Assistants: Krzysztof Zabski, Szymon Fit

Shot in Retro Studio in Lodz, Poland