In cooperation with our partners for memory solutions

In cooperation with our partners for memory solutions

Victoria Krundysheva

The collector


This project was inspired by my desire to play with romantic moody lighting.
The main theme was based on the idea of people collecting memories, hence the name of the project- "The Collector".

We feel the need to preserve certain moments in life and look in the past versus focusing on the moment we are living right now. This "Collector instinct" in a way may be triggered by our fear of uncertainty about the future. Where we keep the good memories stocked with us, like supplies for a rainy day.
To do justice to the topic, color, light and props were selected accordingly- combination of grey to represent "the rainy day" moments of our life. And added warm red palette to symbolize memories.
Props also had their part to play - dry branches, dried butterflies, wooden elements contrasting with flowers.

And of course, the key player- broncolor lighting.
For the first set I used Siros L as a key light, keeping a cardboard cutout in front of it to create a bit of a shadow play and giving more of hard light onto my model's face and background. I used MobiLED with big softbox as my fill to soften face shadows and another one with snoot suspended from top as a rim light. For some shots I have also introduced a strip from the back as a rim as well. It has created dark and moody effect with shadows that are just right.



My second set up was rather minimalistic. I had a MobiLED with basic reflector and orange gel as background light. And as a key light used MobiLED with big softbox on the left and white bounce card on the right. It provided more dreamy mood signifying submerging into memories.


For the third set up I wanted to simulate natural light through the window with a bit of surreal twist.
For this I was using not flash, but continuous light. 
Placing two MobiLEDs behind the window set - one as is and one with orange gel, I have created the leaking light effect. It also served as key light as my model was angled towards the window.
To give additional fill I have placed a Siros L with a Octabox in front of the model.  And on the final touch was smoke in front of two strobes to soften the light and give the surreal feel to my set.



My last set up I used MobiLED with softbox as a key light. Along with a strobe, covered with maroon gel paper and a cardboard cutout placed in front of it to shape the shadows.
The final results turned out to be just as I hoped. And once again, I had a chance to play with light and have fun, which in my opinion is the fastest way to growth. Try new things, experiment. Fail or succeed - you will definitely have fun learning.