Cristina Otero


My last work is “strangers.”, a self-portrait.

As always, I put on my make-up (light black shadow over my forehead, neck and shoulders), a black background, and then I started shooting. It didn’t took me very long, as it was very simple to create. Besides, time I didn’t use the broncolor Siros 400s but the 800s. What I normally have as a reflector is the broncolor silver Umbrella 85cm, but this time I wanted a softer light for my new picture, so I used the Octabox 150cm. The camera I used here was a Pentax k3 with Sigma 85mm F1.4.  It was my first time trying the Octabox and I was very pleased with how it worked. I didn’t need a reflector or any other thing during the photoshoot.
I am very happy with the result, hope you like it too! :)


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