In cooperation with our partners for memory solutions

In cooperation with our partners for memory solutions



1 Jasmijn Alien2

This set came to life after I got in touch with the amazing Valkyrie Corsets through Instagram. We decided to collaborate with two of her designs. The first one was the glitter-and see-through ensemble. For some shots, I added the amazing craftsmanship of jewellery designer Eero Hintsanen, as his work is literally out of this world.

I’ve been working with my model, Jasmijn (“My Fragility"), ever since I came to Antwerp. For the past ten years we shared a series of projects ranging from classic to our mutual favorite: anything out-of-this-world.

While originally, we wanted to do something clean & minimal, I got inspired while working on the projects to create something bolder and more colourful, yet different then I did before. Eline Deblauwe was with us that day and created this stunning crazy look after I asked her to include something neon. I gave her complete free choice for the rest. That’s usually how the best looks come alive.

BTS Make-Up

3 Light Diagram - August Gen NEXT

I already had the chance to work with the P45 modifier in several previous shoots. I realized that it was particularly useful when I introduced coloured light in my work. I always attach a grid on it when I need to make a very centred light. I connected the P45 to a MobiLED which was hooked on my Move 1200 and aimed the light at the background.  In this shoot it created a beam of light that worked amazing for the single spot behind the model.

Since I wanted to showcase all the details of the makeup, corset and jewelry, I decided to use my octabox with the Siros 800. The octabox in combination with the Siros 800 lit up the set very well without having created too many hard shadows, and yet kept enough contrast.

I absolutely love these minimal set-ups with amazing results and I can’t wait to try this set-up again for a vintage inspired look.