In cooperation with our partners for memory solutions

In cooperation with our partners for memory solutions



In my last blog I showed you what is achievable with only one Siros 400 L and an Octabox 150 for outdoor portrait photography. In this blog, I will also use only one light. However, this time it will be the MobiLed with a Para 88 powered by a Move 1200 L. This photoshoot is the result of my collaboration with Miss Universe Iceland and one of the sponsors, Reebok Fitness.

Despite the rain, I love shooting outdoors when the sky is very cloudy because it allows me to play with my lights and get a very dramatic sky.



I needed a simple and effective setup for this photoshoot because I had roughly 4 hours to shoot the 20 candidates of the competition. In addition, the constant rain made it also difficult to have a large and complex setup. Fortunately, even though the participants were not experience working in such conditions they all showed great willpower and were very motivated to deliver great results.

The setup that I chose (Para 88, MobiLed and Move 1200 L) is rather simple but very powerful. It shows great consistency even when the battery level decreases – perfect for sports photography.

You may be wondering how my kit was able to survive outside in the rain for 4 hours. The solution for this challenge was very simple. I used a plastic bag to protect the MobiLed and the Para 88. For the Move 1200L, I used its transport bag which I also covered in plastic.



I am always pleasantly surprised by broncolor batteries. In this photoshoot I only used one and a half full charged batteries, even though I left the Move 1200L on during the whole shoot (I still turned off the modeling light, which is an advantage for shooting on location).

I hope this blog gives you some examples of what you can achieve with this kind of setup!