In cooperation with our partners for memory solutions

In cooperation with our partners for memory solutions

Manuel Mittelpunkt

Sneakers Magazine

Until today I have always been showing you images that have been produced with many flash lights. But this time I would like to show you what amazing work you can do with just one light.

I recently did a photo series, including the cover, for the Sneakers magazine. Of course the topic was about sneaker shoes, which is one of my favorite subjects. I really like taking images of shoes, because they can look very lively in the still life world of photography. The cover was to show a new model of the Nike Airmax shoe, which is gently flowing over an edge. For this shooting the owner of the magazine chose a clean and graphic style, to suit the modern look of Nike Airmax and it's customers.

What can be more beautiful than direct sunlight? I like to simulate the sun, and what I really enjoy are the hard light effects and rough shadows this lighting style creates. For this shooting the broncolor Normal Reflector is suited perfectly. I used the honeycomb filter, in order to make the light seem more hard and rough. I've got a broncolor honeycomb set with three different light angles. The finer the grid of the honeycomb, the harder the light will be. For this series in the magazine I used the finest honeycomb, which created a very hard shadow; for the cover I used the medium one.


It's very often recommended to simulate natural light through artificial light. The Normal Reflector by broncolor makes for such a good light, that you can hardly tell the difference between real and fake sunlight. What more can you want?

As you can see, I served myself with a good trick, considering the edge of the photo. I retouched the shadow of the blue and turquoise area, in order to give the viewer the impression as if the shoe is over a hole.

I like this rough and modern style, and perceive it as very appealing. Sometimes less is more! I hope you enjoyed this insight of a part of my work; and I hope I was able to convince you that it's possible to create a beautiful light with just one source.