In cooperation with our partners for memory solutions

In cooperation with our partners for memory solutions

Natalia Evelyn Bencicova

Slovak National Archives

This time we shot in Slovak National Archives, very interesting space with very bad light :) I went to check it before and was amazed by its never ending corridors of books and records, which I really wanted to use as a set for one of my projects. I noticed that there obviously will be a problem with light and electricity.

For this reason we took two Siros 400 L units with us. This enabled us to place the lights even in tight places and create simulation of the fluorescent light which looks authentic in the space. One Siros unit with a reflector, hidden between the shelves, was used to bounce light from the wall, creating a huge reflector panel which lit the model. The second Siros L unit was used as a background light. Also using a bare reflector, it was positioned out of the frame, bouncing light from the ceiling and creating an even light in an otherwise dark corridor.



It allowed me to show the depth of the space and the interesting details which are making this location so special. The Siros L saved us again because we had limited access and the amount of electricity was just enough for one Siros S light what happened to be an occasion in many spaces which Im using for my projects. So if you are also a photographer who like to shoot at unusual places this might be best choice for you too!