In cooperation with our partners for memory solutions

In cooperation with our partners for memory solutions

Agata Serge


SENCE Signature ASerge06

Becoming a part of the broncolor team and starting to work with artificial light opened a totally new world for me. I haven’t done much commercial work before, simply because I was working only with natural light and that is paradoxically a bit limited in commerce. It is simply because natural light (studio or location) changes during the day and it’s always a bit tricky to have the same mood and light on all the shots.

(And for the commercial work consistent light and same mood on all the shots is the key to have a successful end-result).

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SENCE Signature ASerge09

When SENCE Copenhagen contacted me and asked to work for them on their new Autumn/Winter campaign, I immediately thought it is a perfect moment to try the lights. We have decided to take an interesting and brave step in creating only black and white images, which for jewelry brand isn’t that common. For me obviously, that was the perfect match.  

The natural choice for this photo shoot was a studio. I asked a set designer for help who found a perfect backdrop, as I wanted to avoid plain and “boring” paper one. Irreplaceable were also my stylist, make-up artist and hair stylist who took care of my model during the set. It is highly important in commercial work to have everything prepared in 100% and I am really thankful to work with such a wonderful team.

I used the Octabox 150 on the Pulso G 1600 J and a Scoro 1600S Wifi. What I find extremely handful is the fact that I can change the parameters on RFS and don’t have to go each time to do it manually on the Scoro. It saves so much time!