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In cooperation with our partners for memory solutions

Agata Serge

Retro Studio

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So, I finally have my own photography studio! I can’t even describe how incredible that feels, but let me first tell you how did it all happened. I have participated in the broncolor GEN Next contest and I won, but you are aware of that already. Then I was lucky enough to be invited to visit broncolor at its headquarters and check the equipment by myself, which was a great experience for someone who doesn’t really use artificial light that often. At first I thought that each time I will need broncolor equipment I can simply take it with me to the studio, but trust me that was a hustle.

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I was struggling for some time and then suddenly a friend of mine sent me a link to an offer of a space really close to my house with huge windows. Big coincident, right? The space was not in a very good condition, so I had to start from renovating it a-first of all to paint all walls white. Thankfully, I was collecting furniture for my “future studio” for a long time already and I could have taken it all out from the garage and just bring it to my new space. Renovating the place, undusting old furniture, setting it all up and major cleaning took me exactly 7 days - 12 hours per day.

Tired and busy but it was definitely worth it. :)



Instagram: @retro__studio


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