In cooperation with our partners for memory solutions

In cooperation with our partners for memory solutions

Yulia Gorbachenko


Lately I had the chance to shoot the October beauty cover for Harper’s Bazaar Kazakhstan. This time the beauty editor and I decided to go with a red theme, which fits perfectly with the current fashion trends and fall mood. I decided that red shades should be part of both clothing and makeup, while the background should remain neutral to make the reds really stand out.

Carola Remer @ One Management is a phenomenal beauty girl, whom I’ve wanted to shoot for a long time – I was very excited that she was available for this shoot.

I really enjoyed collaborating with fashion stylist Connie Berg, who brought an insane amount of clothing and accessories to the shoot, from which we picked only the five best pieces. It’s a true art to have so much and pick so little -­‐ not to overstyle the looks, keeping it minimal and tasteful. Because the pieces were glamorous and elegant, I asked hairstylist Yukiko Tajima to keep hair on the cool, messy side. For makeup I wanted to stay classy for Harper’s Bazaar, but to add a creative touch: my dear friend and makeup artist Anastasia Durasova did a fantastic job by using matte red lips with darker contour, red blush, red mascara, graphic red eyes, etc.


In my previous shoot I used Para 88 to have more contrast and mood in the shots. With red colors I wanted a wider light spread (especially knowing I would be shooting ¾ in some looks) so I chose to use Broncolor Para 133 with the move 1200 L power pack. I must admit that I was blown away by the quality and how easy it was to set up and control the desired intensity throughout the shoot. I placed the Para 133 on my right side to get some shadows on the model’s right side. Sometimes I also used a silver reflector for fill in.

To control the background intensity I placed Broncolor Strip Softboxes (30x120cm) on each side facing white background, combined with Siros to get the light grey background.

We had exactly 7 hours to create 5 beauty looks and we finished earlier than expected. I’m excited to share with you the final results!

Camera info: Hasselblad H4D-­‐40 with HC 50-­‐110mm 1/125 or 1/250 sec at f/13 or f/16 at ISO100



Model Carola Remer @ One Management
Photographer Yulia Gorbachenko
Fashion Editor Connie Berg
Hair Stylist Yukiko Tajima @ WM Artist Management using Oribe Hair Care
Makeup Artist Anastasia Durasova @ The Wall Group using MAC cosmetics
Manicurist Kelly B @ Defacto using Zoya
Retoucher One Hundred Berlin
Stylist Assistants Elise Sandvik and Ashlyn Johnson
Behind the Scenes Photographer Grant Friedman