In cooperation with our partners for memory solutions

In cooperation with our partners for memory solutions

Jason Jia

Quick lighting tips for outdoor shoots

As a fashion photographer, I mostly shoot portraits – sometimes with superstars, celebrities or top models! My lighting setups vary with different subjects and depend on my client’s needs. It’s necessary to work with different studio lights & lighting accessories in order to fulfill each brief. Here are some quick tips on how to approach a shoot: 

- Set up the primary light first, then add in some fill lights to try capture the right atmosphere. 

- Use different lighting for male and female models. 

- Use hard light for male models. I like to use the P70 reflector, P-soft reflector or even only a bare bulb flash as the main light.

- For female models, I prefer to use softer light. Therefore, softboxes and umbrellas are great. I tried a beauty dish reflector recently and it proved to be a quality light source and perfect for skin textures and tones.  

- Outdoor shoots are usually a big challenge. I was recently requested to do an autumn fashion shoot for a client. Even on a sunny day, we still needed to add artificial light to create the right atmosphere. Of course, it is necessary to light appropriately and work with the direction of the sunlight. 

- The Move 1200L power pack ensures stable lighting for all my shoots. I mostly use the Move with a normal reflector and softbox. This additional light source creates a warm and natural mood and gives better structure to the skin and clothes. 

Well, it's great to be part of broncolor Gen NEXT... I look forward to sharing more advice and information from my fashion shoots in the future!