In cooperation with our partners for memory solutions

In cooperation with our partners for memory solutions


Product Photography on Location

In my opinion, working as a photographer in 2019 is very different compared to a few years back. While 10 years ago, photographers could specialize in a specific field, today we have to be more flexible and be able to respond to a greater variety of requests. That's why it was important for me to develop my skills in various fields of photography (fashion, portrait, product, architecture, food, etc.). Expanding my experiences in different areas felt always very exciting to me. When I came across product photography, I was very enthusiastic about all the creative possibilities that this genre offers.

Nevertheless, there are also downsides to the classic way of product photography. Sometimes it can be repetitive and boring. While the most product images are shot in a studio with a white background, I prefer to make it more exciting, enjoyable and different. I tried to get out of the norm and use some of my experiences, that I accumulated in different fields of photography. Thus, I decided to photograph a product, as basic as a hand cream, in a unique environment – outside the studio.

On Location Packshots

On Location Packshots-3

With this blog I want to present to you a selection of products, which I photographed in different location. It will give you a glimpse of what is possible to create with a simple setup. For the shooting, I used only a Beautybox 65 mounted on a MobilLED. To power the MobiLED, I used a Move1200. 

The Move1200 is a very effective power pack. I took these photographs using only half of its power. In addition, I was able to shoot the whole day with only one battery. In terms of camera settings, I took most of these shots with an aperture between 9 and 11 and a shutter speed around 160/s.

It was extremely windy that day. Therefore, I was not able to use a stand for my light. Luckily, I had someone with me, who assisted with holding the light at the correct angle (approximately 45 degrees). We kept the light around one meter away from the product.

I love Iceland and its different kinds of locations. Some of the most exciting sites I’ve seen so far are here. However, being outdoors means that your gear will be exposed to more dangers than in the studio. In these kinds of conditions, it is very important to have trustworthy equipment. With my broncolor lights, I know that everything will be fine. The constancy of the light temperature, the durability of the material as well as the amazing batteries have never let me down so far and keep surprising me in each of my projects.