In cooperation with our partners for memory solutions

In cooperation with our partners for memory solutions

Agata Serge


preska 2

This time I would like to show you a fashion lookbook SS18 for the polish fashion brand “PRESKA”.

I have recently shot using broncolor lights. As it was still winter in Poland in mid-March, we couldn’t shoot this lookbook outdoor and had to come up with an idea for an indoor shoot. I was really excited as I have started working with a great set designer and could finally collaborate with her. Together with the rest of the team that was engaged in this story, we came up with an idea to make scenography that would imitate the corner of the room. We have built an additional wall in a studio, painted it pink, added a few customs made white balls, pink fabric, designer chair and we were all good to go!

preska 3

preska 4

I have decided to go with my favorite Octabox 150 as we had two models on the pretty big set and I didn’t want to risk the light being different on models or on the elements of scenography. I placed the light as far from the models as the studio space allowed me, as I simply didn’t want the shadow to be to sharp and to strong behind the chair and behind the models as well. We had a lot of sets of clothes to shoot in one day and that means there was not a lot of time for major changes in scenography, but because we had two walls and we were changing the placement of chair, balls and fabric, each photo still looks a bit different. I hope you like the end result :)

Photography: Agata Serge

Styling: Bogna Stępa

Set Design: Justyna Bugajczyk / UKWIAŁ

Make up/ Hair: Anna Sokołowska

Models: Julia / Uncover Models, Wero / MILK

Photographer’s Asisstant: Krzysztof Żabski

Set Designer’s Assistant: Kamil Twardowski