In cooperation with our partners for memory solutions

In cooperation with our partners for memory solutions


Portrait Techniques

We are all living in a very strange period at the moment and with the measures taken to deal with this pandemic it is becoming increasingly difficult to organize projects that involve more than two people.

Kevin 1

Kevin 2

In this new blog I show you four types of setup for portrait photography that you can practice at home. It may be a good time to try new things and explore new techniques.

For this blog I proposed to a friend actor to come to my studio to update his portfolio.

Kevin 3

Kevin 4

Obviously, there are many more portrait photography techniques but I show you those that I prefer and that I use most often, you will find in this blog the setup diagrams associated with the corresponding photos, which in my opinion, allows to understand how light acts on the subject photographed.

Kevin 5

Kevin 6

Kevin 7

Kevin 8

I hope you liked this blog a little shorter than usual and that it will be useful to you :)