In cooperation with our partners for memory solutions

In cooperation with our partners for memory solutions

Natalia Evelyn Bencicova

Plastic Glasses

Hi there, the first experience with my broncolor equipment is coming from Berlin. This city is one of my favourite places, which I visit very often for both work and pleasure. This time I used my holiday free-time in Berlin to collaborate with my friend and talented designer, founder of student project Crafting plastic!, which is connecting working with sustainable material and fashionable design. Our task was to shoot product photos of glasses made from organic plastic in realistic but interesting way.

Thanks to possibility of working with broncolor equipment we decided to use the Crafting plastic! office instead of renting a studio. As art students without much income we are always looking for practical and affordable solutions. We literally created our own professional set with nothing missing, what was a great advantage not only financially but also logistically. This gave us the option to realise the project in comfortable and cosy atmosphere.

gennext-evelyn-bencicova-plastic glasses bts-005


This photo shooting was happening inside so I decided to use two Siros 800 S monolights, with two modifiers - an Octabox 150  and a Beautybox 65. After I received the package with the Siros Expert Kit I got positively surprised by its compactness. It was really easy to pack and carry by just two of us. Of course my good friend and lighting assistant Marek was with me all the time to help me with everything.  I had a look at the equipment few days before what made setting up the lights easy and quick. I fell in love with the option to control the lights via the bronControl app! It is really practical when you place lights out of your reach. This time you don't have to climb the chairs or turn the lights all the time, you or your assistant can do everything conformably sitting on the chair.

gennext-evelyn-bencicova-plastic glasses-001


My goal was to reach beautiful but simple lighting, which is complimenting most of the faces and does not make a lot of reflection on the glasses. For this reason I preferred soft, diffused light, which I'm using on most of my portrait shots. The Octabox is the perfect solution for this kind of lighting and to perfect it, we used a Beautybox 65 with front diffuser as a fill to soften the shadows even more. Almost every face needs a different way of lighting to really make the best out of it. Our casting was consisting of people with different face-shapes, hair and skin colour so we had to slightly change our set-up after each model.

As you could see on the results my first experience with broncolor equipment went really well and I'm looking forward next projects, which are coming soon!

gennext-evelyn-bencicova-plastic glasses bts-001