In cooperation with our partners for memory solutions

In cooperation with our partners for memory solutions

Jason Jia

Outdoor Fashion Shoot

I would like to share how I do outdoor fashion shoots with natural sun light as well as flash light.

I like to mix up sun light and flash light and make it feel natural in outdoor shooting. Before I begin the outdoor shooting, I’ll need to prepare few things. Firstly, I have to understand the topic of the shooting and what kind of mood shot I am looking for. Secondly, I will need to check the weather forecast to foresee what kind of natural light I am going to get on the shooting day. The auxiliary flash light setup would be different for a sunny day than on a cloudy day. Then I plan the auxiliary flash light I will need for the shooting. I know I am going to shoot a black colored dress; therefore, I need to check the shooting site to make sure it can provide a high contrast background in order to really contrast the dress. In the end, I need to prepare some music to get the model into the right mood during the shoot.

One of the key things is to select the correct time of the day in order to get the right natural sun light as main light. I decided to do the session right after noon. This way I got the strong diffuse light from the sun during that time as a main light. However, even though the strong Sun light illuminated the background and the skin of the model, it made the black dress lack detail and turned it completely black because of the high contrast between the background and the dress. This is where the auxiliary flash light comes in to help me solving this problem. For this shoot, I used a broncolor Move battery pack with a mobile light head and a 70x70 softbox as a supplementary light to illuminate the details of the dress. It helps the texture of the dress to stand out. The auxiliary flash light doesn’t need to be very strong; it was set to about 1/3 of the power of the sun light. Therefore, it doesn’t cover the sun as the main light and makes the scene look natural.


I would also like to tell you a little tip which I used for this shoot: Actually, I used a smoke cookie which are mostly used in motion pictures to create smoke effects. I wanted to add a special sense of mood in the images. But you have to be careful by using these cookies, since they can burn your skin.