In cooperation with our partners for memory solutions

In cooperation with our partners for memory solutions

Nils Wilbert

Nirvan Javan Eyewear

NJE 21 95

This time around, I wanted to show a behind the scenes look at a shoot I did recently for a long time client - Nirvan Javan Eyewear.  Having worked together for many years it is important to keep the the brand essence in mind yet ensure each shoot provides a new take on the collection.

For this shoot, he wanted clean lines, impactful photos with some drama. We don’t use props, so getting the lighting perfect is incredibly important. All the emotion, the ambiance that needs to be conveyed has to come from the setup. 

For my main light source, I used a Siros 800 S with the ​L40 Standard Reflector. ​I wanted to take most of the pictures from a higher point of view looking downwards. For this, I placed a large scrim at a 45° angle in front of the Siros 800 S. This helped me to not only soften the shadows but also to ensure I would get smooth reflections on the frames of the glasses.  I used this set up as my base as it is very flexible to get multiple lighting effects. Just moving the Siros  800S or adding a Grid, can change the lighting completely. 

Then to mix it up a bit, I added a Picolite with a projector attachment to the setup. I did this so that I could create a filtered light effect. 

NJE Metal Collection 2018-0925487

NJE Metal Collection 2018-0925489