In cooperation with our partners for memory solutions

In cooperation with our partners for memory solutions

Manuel Mittelpunkt

Mirrorland with Eyewear

Today I would like to show you my new work, where I have worked with mirrors. This was a very exciting project, because I have never worked before with mirrors. The client OWP from Nürnberg, Germany wanted to present their new collection for men in a very special interesting way. Because of this, an agency from Munich (HTP Communications) developed together with the client an idea, and hired me as a Still Life Photographer.

The idea behind the concept is to have interesting shaped mirrors set up around each pair of glasses, which reflect it. Through this you are suppose to get a 3D feeling, because you can see the glasses from different perspectives. One of the important requirements of the client was, that the image has a clean and pure look, which gives it a male „touch“.

My set designer Virginia took care of shaping the mirrors, which wasn’t easy. It was very important to have unique shapes of them, so that every image would have an individual result of look and style. Another difficulty was to set to mirrors up in the air. For this we used wires and suction cups, which helped us a lot, especially when we had to change the order of the mirrors.



For the technical part I could, once again, completely depend on the broncolor equipment. I wanted to have an exact and precisely illumination. For this I used my P70 reflector, which I could perfectly place on it´s position. Through placing beautiful light highlights on the glasses, I could make the glasses look even more noble and precious, which the client wanted. It was also important to have the light temperature of all flash lights perfectly synchronized, so that I wouldn’t have any color distortion. My broncolor equipment always has the exact same color temperature (5500°). It´s just great, that you can always depend on broncolor´s technique!


It was also very important, that I could set the power of the flash lights exactly on 1/100 through my broncolor Scoro S 3200. Especially when it´s about working on such exact images, it´s indispensable to have the right flash light power, so that the final image isn´t in certain areas too bright, not too dark.

Below you can see the results of the shooting, plus some making of images with it´s kind of complexed set design. You will probably notice the hard work behind this shooting, but it was worth it.

Thanks to broncolor, I was once again able to complete a brilliant idea!