In cooperation with our partners for memory solutions

In cooperation with our partners for memory solutions

Manuel Mittelpunkt

M2 Beauté

Today I would like to present to you my latest work for a cosmetic customer from Germany: M2 Beauté

This time it´s about a conceptional Shooting with paper art. The idea behind this was to create a sort of illustration, which is supposed to look artistically.

The concept was designed by the agency. As a team I worked with a set designer, who you can see on the behind the scenes images as she is preparing the set. In general, it's very important to have a set designer for such a shoot, so that as a photographer you concentrate on the lighting and technical part of the photograph.

The lighting was very important in order to achieve a good atmosphere. I worked with the broncolor 35 x 60cm Softbox, which was set in a 90 degree angle over the set. This light, which is coming from above, can appear very exciting, because it often touches the objects beneath and this takes care for a better atmosphere.


I had to regulate the light energy with much care, because many paper surfaces were white, or very bright. My broncolor Scoro 3200 helps me a lot, so that I can set the exact capacity. With this brilliant equipment I can regulate the luminous intensity to 1/100, which is fantastic! It's so good that you can depend on your gear during a shoot. broncolor really produces perfect tools, where I never have to worry about it's quality and ability. This means, I can put my whole focus on the photography.

As you can see in the Making Of images, the work consisted of many small pieces for the perfect set design. In many cases you have to improvise a lot, so that every part of the set was placed in it's right spot.

Of course, image editing took care of the rest for a perfect image. After editing each detail of the picture, we had the clean result of a photograph for the brand M2.