In cooperation with our partners for memory solutions

In cooperation with our partners for memory solutions

Agata Serge


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This time I would like to share with you my photos from the editorial for l'Officiel Thailand that I shot few weeks ago in New York. As it is a pretty long flight from Poland I couldn’t bring my broncolor equipment with me, but thankfully broncolor has its office in New York and they were kind enough to help me out!

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Let me first tell you a bit about this project. The whole idea was to shoot in a location that would instantly remind us about New York and it`s vibe. There was one major problem - clothing pieces from designers were from early Spring collections and it was 0 degrees outside. Then the thought popped in my head - what is the most recognizable about NY, but it is also indoor?  SUBWAY! That decision came out with various difficulties. I had to arrange a place close to one of the stations so we could go back each time and change as we had seven looks to shoot. Also, I had to really plan this idea and choose the best time to start as in the business hours’ subways are incredibly crowded and it is almost impossible to go around that.

Oh, ok - then I had another very big problem for someone who is not using artificial light that often. I had absolutely no idea which equipment I should use, not only that would be the best for the effect I wanted to achieve but also because of the specific location I choose for this story. We had to use something that would not bring as much attention on the team and the set itself and something that would be very portable and easy to set up. Together with the broncolor team, we decided that the Siros 800L and a small softbox 60x60 would do the trick.

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I was not really satisfied with the effect of a flashlight, so... I used the modeling light and it perfectly filled the “natural” light in the subway. I was lucky enough to have a great assistant that day who was literally holding the light for me this whole time as we couldn’t really use a stand in a moving subway. I think I was the most afraid about people that might be unhappy about us disturbing their journey and that I might get in trouble, but in the end, all went fine and I am happy that I have decided to shoot this story in the subways of New York.