In cooperation with our partners for memory solutions

In cooperation with our partners for memory solutions

Philipp Rupprecht

Litepipe P in action

GTC4-visual7 f copy 01

In August, I was happy enough to receive the all-new broncolor Lightpipe P as one of the first costumers. As you probably read in my last blog post, I am working a lot with big striplights for my car shoots as they give a perfectly soft light and homogeneous reflections. Though the handling of these big softboxes is not the easiest as they are quite big and bulky. That’s why I was excited to try the broncolor Lightpipe P on my Siros L 800 since its size is reduced to a minimum and it still promises a very soft and homogeneous light output.



It’s packing size is a bit bigger than the ones of a regular softbox, which is basically caused by the massive metal part that connects it to your broncolor strobe. Once it’s been set up, you can either use it as a big 360° lightsaber or cover up around 270° with reflectors to have rectangular, one directional light output. 

PR 7340

For the first test, my subjects were a Ferrari GTC4 and a Maserati Levante, whose details I had to capture. The perfect use case for my new Lightpipe P. As you can see in the photos, the angle between camera and light is always rather big. The reason for this is, that on reflective surfaces you must work a lot with reflections. So, what I do, is to create reflections in the details like wheels and carbon parts of the cars with the Litepipe P. This gives a beautiful light and at the same time, it highlights exactly the details I want to show.

GTC4-visual5 f

GTC4-visual7 f copy 01

I think the Lightpipe P will also perform excellently in car interior shots as it is super compact compared to a normal softbox but still creates outstanding light. It easily fits in every corner of the car and therefore gives you totally new possibilities. I’m excited to use the Lightpipe P on my next car interior shoot.

Summing up, the Lightpipe P is the lightshaper, that’s innovatively combining compact design and extraordinary light quality, I was waiting for all my life as an automotive photographer.

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