In cooperation with our partners for memory solutions

In cooperation with our partners for memory solutions

Manuel Mittelpunkt

Liquid Brands

Today I would like to present to you a special project I have made based on free work. This time it´s about logo brands.

The idea was to use 15 logos from popular companies and make a high speed shooting with liquid color. So the whole project began with choosing 15 good looking logos, which at first wasn’t easy, because not every logo seemed to be practical for the upcoming purpose. Some may have looked good, but could have cause for other technical problems, dependent on their size and shape.


After I have found the right logos, I commissioned my Set Designer Matthias to laser the logos out of thin wood, which he completed in his workshop. The logos were attached to a multifunction tool, which was adapted to a drilling machine. Not to forget, we bought many different liquid colors. The purpose of this was to generously paint each logo according to their original brand color, in order to achieve a harmoniously realistic image. The making-of images can help you to understand this whole process.




The most important part of this photo shooting was the technical part. High speed on such a top quality level requires excellent flash equipment. My broncolor equipment was perfect for this shooting. Without it, this shooting wouldn´t have been possible. You need very fast flashlights! My broncolor Scoro S3200 was the perfect generator for this project. Why? Because of the extremely fast flash settings. I was able to set the flash on 1 / 10000 seconds, which is obviously very fast. I needed this speed in order to catch each splash of color sharp and clear with my camera. On each side of the logo I placed a broncolor Pulso lamp with a P70 normal reflector. The light was exactly how I wanted it and caused for „juicy-looking" results of the images. Through this the splashes had the perfect mixture of saturated colors and contrast.



All together we achieved 1000 images, of which we chose the best 15 results. As you can see, you have to experiment a lot until you reach final image with the perfect combination of colorful splashed, light, and contrast. As usual, during the whole shooting I could rely on my broncolor equipment to a hundred percent. The other making-of images show you more in the detail how the process was built. As you can see, you need a lot of sheets to protect your studio and other technical equipments. The colors splashed in a pretty big radius, because the drilling machine had a lot of power!

I hope you liked this project and realized that high speed shootings can always be exciting, and that broncolor equipment offers the perfect technique, in order to have a successful shooting and result!