In cooperation with our partners for memory solutions

In cooperation with our partners for memory solutions

Manuel Mittelpunkt

Liquid action with eyewear

I recently was asked by the german glass design company OWP to produce exciting images of their glasses. They have seen photographs from my portfolio where I played around with liquids for cool images. The found them so interesting, that they asked me to do the same with their glasses.

The whole shooting was divided into two parts. One shooting was just with the glasses, and the other one was just with the liquid splashes.

For the glasses I used many Broncolor lamps with the „Standard Reflector“. I focused on giving the glasses a contrasted light, so that the colors would „pop out“ and give them a touch of a shining effect. With the lamps I was able to approach the glasses very close. This was helpful for the shooting. Through the fine adjustment on the Broncolor Scoro S3200 I could achieve a perfect result for nice images.


The second shooting was, of course, all about action - the liquid splashes. This is always a difficult task, but it ́s still a lot of fun to throw the colors through the air. My whole studio was covered with plastic sheets, so that I would ́t damage any equipment. With my assistant i always swapped between throwing the colors through the air, because each of us had his own style and this made every splash look different and unique. It didn ́t require much of time to find out which style looked good and how to throw the color through the air in order to get the same result with each picture. Altogether, we needed to take 300 images until I was  satisfied with the perfect result. The technique of throwing colors sure needs practice and patience!


The important thing for this shooting was the Scoro S 3200 with it ́s high speed function, because you need very fast equipment in order to catch the colors in their perfect shape, while flying through the air. You can ́t afford to waste any second! Also, normal flashlights are not enough for this kind of shooting. They don ́t make the images look sharp, clear and clean. Thanks to the broncolor technique, I got sharp and clear photos. Once again I was able to depend on broncolors faithful quality.

I have put a few „making of“ images together, so that you can see what a „messy“ job this was. I ́m sure you can imagine what a long time it took to clean everything up. But as always, it was worth it! Especially when you are working with broncolor.

I did four images for the company. The first one I can already show you here, but the rest of them I can first present to you as soon as the campaign goes public. Stay tuned to Gen NEXT!