In cooperation with our partners for memory solutions

In cooperation with our partners for memory solutions

Manuel Mittelpunkt

Lighting Carbon Sneaker

Today I would like to present you an exciting project, which I have produced in December 2015 for the popular french brand Le Coq Sportif. This brand hired me to photograph a new advertisement of their carbon shoe. For 2 years I have already been working for this company and that is why they gave me their full trust for this project.

The demanding part for this shooting was, that this time the shoe was mainly made out of carbon. It´s a very fascinating material, but for the technical part it´s a bit difficult to photograph. This means that my broncolor equipment had to offer great work again, in order to achieve perfect results.

This time I used three lamps for a closeup, which caused a perfect illumination of the shoe and it´s structure of the material. For this I used my favorite honeycomb filter for the P70 normal reflectors. Through this I could draw the light to the exact points where I wanted it. My intention was to set different light happenings and highlights on the shoe, in order to make the material of the shoe stand out as best as possible, which leads to an exciting expression of the shoe and photograph.


On the making-of images you can see how I positioned the lamps. The important part of this photoshooting was my broncolor Scoro S 3200 generator, which cared for a perfect dosed light. I can set the light to 1/100, and especially for such kind of shooting it´s very important to have this option. Not to forget, the light quality of this broncolor equipment is just perfect! This means that just as the equipment quality is perfect, in the same way color quality is always constant and perfect. It´s exactly what a professional photographer like me wants.


After I illuminated the shoe on a perfect level, I need a bigger illumination for the complete image, which was important for the shadow of the shoe and the triangle set design. It happens to be that I combine during a shooting many different images, with which I create one final end result. I constantly need to change the light settings and positions, which costs a lot of flexibility, but with such a professional equipment it was no problem. I am very grateful for my set designer, who supported me with a creative set design. It was a bit challenging, but definitely worth the cost, because the results are brilliant. After the shooting followed an ornate post production, where I removed unclean parts of the image and went through a whole look adjustment.

I hope you like this project and that I was able to show you why a broncolor equipment was, once again, for this project my perfect choice as a Still Life Photographer!