In cooperation with our partners for memory solutions

In cooperation with our partners for memory solutions

Jason Jia

Light and Shadow

The first thing I learned at school about photography was the joint relationships between light and shadow. They must exist in every image. The sun, flashlights, continuous lights and candlelights are different types of light sources.

Of course, we need to understand that every light source might have a different light power. The light source will define the character of the shadow. I always try to play with different light sources and I have learned how light and shadow work together, which I will put into practice when shooting. I simply define the joint relationship between light and shadow as black, white and grey.

First of all on location I set up my primary light for my shoot. Second of all I will add some fill in lights to get a unique atmosphere. For this shoot, I would like to achieve a mottled effect, which I shoot under the sun light inside the studio. Therefore, I setup a strong and hard light as a main light (the sun). Some of the light will be showing on the models face (nose and forehead) and at the same time creating a mottled effect on the face and body. I sometimes use different types of branches and leafs to get a different mottle effect. The mottle effect will look different when moving the branches and leafs around. I will do that until I’m satisfied with the result.


What makes me a good fashion photographer is that I have been studying the joint relationship between light and shadow. I know how to use light correctly. For example I will take a spheroid object and place it on a table. After that I’m going to use a torch, which creates the light on the spheroid object. You will notice, when changing the direction of the light source or the distance to the object, that the shadow will look different every single time. That exercise helps you to understand the functions of light and shadow. That is one thing you need to learn before becoming a fashion photographer.