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In cooperation with our partners for memory solutions

Dimitriy Rogozhkin

Kostyunina`s story

Kostyunina Valentina Kirillovna

Kostyunina Valentina Kirillovna was born on January 14, 1936. Her childhood and youth were spent in the village of Stary Bakury, in the district of Malmyzhsky in Russia. Her early childhood coincided with the Great Patriotic War. In 1940, the father of Valentina Kirillovna – Zonov Kirill Vasilyevich - was called up from the Plow-Ilinsky village council by the Malmyzhsky RVK to serve in the army. He served in the tank division, and when the war began, he fought for his homeland. At home there were two children and a wife. But he didn`t make it home, he died at the front. His family survived as best as they could. They were hungry all the time, ate rotten potatoes, or quinoa with sawdust. At their feet they had, in best case, sandals. It was very hard, especially in the thaw. A hand saw cut down trees for firewood.

They collected brushwood, bushes of trees prepared brooms for cattle fodder, pressed grass with a sickle. In the spring when it was necessary to plow the land, women instead of horses stood behind a plow. And the harvest was collected before each spikelet. No matter how hard it was for Valentina Kirilovna to grow up at that time, she graduated from Malmyzhskaya school, although she had to walk four kilometres in open shoes, hungry and in the cold, and five kilometres in spring (because the river was flooded and had to be bypassed). Then she worked on the farm for workdays, for sticks. To get a passport (they were not allowed to have one on the collective farm), she went to live and work at the Sazhinsky state farm in the Sverdlovsk region. After returning home, she married and had two children. The rest of her working life she worked on the collective farm. Now she is retired.

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The broncolor light perfectly imitates natural light from a window, and also gives a very stable temperature. Therefore, you can make very lively and high-quality portraits of people.

I took the first photo in the yard with a Siros 400 L, I used a Softbox 60x60 to select a person on the rest of the background. When you are shooting in cloudy weather, use a sheath to put the light from the side where there is more light from the sky. In my case I put it near the wall on the right, as from the back of our hero a dark porch.

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