In cooperation with our partners for memory solutions

In cooperation with our partners for memory solutions

Natalia Evelyn Bencicova


This time I used my broncolor equipment while working on a jewellery photoshoot for French magazine Citizen K, which is dealing with fashion, beauty and luxury products. Our editorial was created for winter issue, so we wanted to create cold, chilling but still elegant and graceful atmosphere.

In a beautiful daylight studio we decided to use Para 133 to reach the best quality of light and sharpness on every picture. Even though light was moving during the day, by having Para as key light it did not influence the atmosphere of the pictures. Plus is creates crispy but still soft, beautiful light complimenting mights, clean mood of the shoot.


Capturing valuable jewellery is not an easy job. Time to work with each piece is very limited so everything needs to go smoothly and what is the most important: everything needs to be sharp! That is important thing to mention because some photographers, including me rather work emotionally than rationally. I focus mainly on the communication with the model to get good poses and trustworthy face-expressions. With digital photography technical qualities like sharpness became something we automatically await without bigger effort. But in case of jewellery you need to get all the details of relatively small objects and the question of sharpness becomes a real deal. For this reason we chose super-fast Scoro S power packs so I could photograph in my usual fast tempo without worrying about sharpness of the details.


The Magazine was so happy with the results that they published 6 different covers from our editorial! There is almost no bigger pleasure than seeing your photos circulating through the world in printed form :)


Thank to Celine Bischoff for the beautiful backstage pictures on an analogue medium format camera.



photographer: Evelyn Bencicova
art direction: Kappauf
stylist: Laurent Dombrowitz
make-up: Maniasha
models: Hazel, Ingrid