In cooperation with our partners for memory solutions

In cooperation with our partners for memory solutions

David Sheldrick


One of the more exciting projects I have finished recently was a fashion lookbook project which took me to an industrial facility on the outskirts of Beijing.

For this shoot I wanted to use as much of the huge location as possible so I decided to shoot the look book in a whole series of locations on the industrial site. Previously a metallurgic plant, the site was filled with huge dormant machinery and scrap metal that has been slowly rusting and degenerating, it was important to me to try and incorporate the machinery and structures as much as possible without the focus being taken away from the fashion. I needed a highly portable, but also very powerful set up so I could light the large space and also fight the strong sun if I needed to. The site also had many crevices and sheltered areas that went really deep and got very dark, so I also wanted to get my hands on some of the new Siros L monoheads to plant in deeper into the sets and throw in some more detail to the particularly darker parts of the space. We set off smoke machines bombs and pellets to create different layers and textures of smoke throughout the shoot. The use of different smoke textures helped to bring the attention to the foreground and model, and also made for a stunning sense of atmosphere when lit with the location lights planted in the background.



Using a 177 Para with a Pulso-G head and Scoro S3200 power pack as the key light which we would move around the site, I was able to get a wide enough array of light to nicely fill the entire set, we mounted the key light on to an XXL Stand with dolly wheels, this was essential to be able to move the light across the sometimes muddy and wet ground across the site. The shoot was a great life experience, and a great learning experience working with a brilliant Chinese team and also the fact it was my first time in China. China is a country filled with rich and ancient culture, after having shot for my first time in Beijing I definitely left inspired and with a new found interest in Chinese culture. I have posted some of my favourite images from the shoot, and also a few Behind The Scenes shots which better show the location and how we used the broncolor systems.

Equipment List

Scoro S3200
Pulso G Head
Para 177
Siros L 800S
Move 1200
MobiLED head
120x30 Softbox
Hasselblad H5D 50c
HCD 35-90

I would also like to say a big Thank You to the broncolor team in China, who offered me incredible support me whilst I was out in Beijing and gave me all the equipment I would need for the shoot!



Photographer David Sheldrick
Stylist Yoyo Yao
Designer Cho Cheng