In cooperation with our partners for memory solutions

In cooperation with our partners for memory solutions

Agata Serge

I have the time to talk

I had the pleasure of photographing the polish celebrity Rafal Maslak along with his father for a social campaign against HIV. Today is the international AIDS day and I would like to share with you some behind the scenes of this very interesting and very important project. 

kampania HIV AS04

Together with Rafal’s manager we decided that the final images should be very strong with the transmission, but at the same time they should stay as simple as possible. The most important thing was to connect Rafal and his father on the photographs - so that the campaign’s main slogan “I have the time to talk” is clear and understandable. We wanted to show that a conversation with a close person and our openness to the problem could be the beginning of a solution and that we should stop living in the unawareness.

The photo studio was a natural choice, as any visible location in the background would distract the viewer from the main subject. And of course, I was forced to use the lights again! I wanted to have an equal amount of light on both models and therefore went for my favorite Octabox 150, together with Scoro 1600 Wifi and Pulso G 1600 J. I placed the light slightly above my head behind my back, right in front of Rafal and his father and that did the trick. 

Photography: Agata Serge

Talent: Rafal Maslak & Tomasz Maslak