In cooperation with our partners for memory solutions

In cooperation with our partners for memory solutions

Lauri Laukkanen

HMI Film Shoot

A Finnish production company contacted me a while back, and asked me if I’d be interested in directing a “James Bond”-themed commercial for the car-rental company SIXT.

Well, as you might guess - it didn’t take me a lot of time to think about it. Of course, I quickly said yes, and we started working on the script and pre-production. The plan was to shoot and edit the commercial so that it would premiere at the same time as the new Bond-movie “Spectre”.

For the lighting we decided to try out Broncolor’s set of HMIs. Me, nor our gaffer Dan, had ever worked with these lights before, but we were eager to test them out. Broncolor was kind enough to ship us a large package of lights and modifiers for the shoot - below you can find a list of all the equipment that we used:

2 x 41.122.xx HMI 1600 Open Face Kit
2 x 43.155.00 Softbox adapters For HMI 1600
2 x HMI F 575 Kit
2 x 33.107.00P 70 Reflectors
2 x 41.112.xx HMI 400 Starter Kit including Video Pro XS (40x55) Softbox
2 x 41.111.xx HMI 200 Starter Kit including Video Pro XS (40x55) Softbox
Spare bulbs for all the lamps
1 x 33.588.00 Beautybox 65
1 x 33.565.00 Softbox 90 x 120
1 x 33.566.00 Softbox 120 x 180
1 x 33.600.00 Octabox 75
1 x 743-0101 Video Pro Softbox S 60x80
1 x 743- 0100 Video Pro Softbox M 90x120


The day of the actual shoot was a loooooong one - but at the end of the day everyone involved in the project were super-excited about the footage we had shot. I talked about the light-equipment with Dan, our gaffer, after the production and together we came to the conclusion that the Broncolor HMIs were highly efficient, mobile and easy to use on set. And the quality of the light that they gave out was beautiful. Dan and the whole lighting crew really enjoyed working with the lights, and they were absolutely vital in giving our production the “high-production value” -look, that we were going for.

Below you can find an extensive making of-video from the shoot, that shows you exactly what happened on the shoot, and underneath the making of-video you’ll see the final finished advertisement (60 second version):


Making of-photos by Amanda Lehtola