In cooperation with our partners for memory solutions

In cooperation with our partners for memory solutions

Manuel Mittelpunkt

Highspeed Golden Liquid

Today I would like to give you the insight in the world of highspeed photography, including everything it contains.

For the company Procter & Gamble I made photographs for their 007 perfume. They required a scene, in which the product falls in gold liquid. Well, this may sound nice and easy, but it costs a lot of time, good ideas, and of course, the most important part, fast flashlights. Through this you get the chance of capturing that moment, where the perfume bottle falls in the liquid. Not to forget, this should look perfect and gentle. Of course, in reality, it's a messy project, but this you should't notice on the photograph.

My broncolor equipment supported me in this shooting and this gave me the advantage of only concentrating on the picture. It's a great relief, when you don't have to worry about the equipment's quality and it just does a good job. Altogether I have chosen two flash lights plugged into the Scoro Powerpack; the 30x60 Softbox and the Standard Reflector.

I poured the golden liquid into a container. Of course I covered half of my studio with plastic foil in order to protect it of what was about to happen. Then, I positioned both lamps exactly to a ninety degree angle above and toward the flask in order to create a shadow under the liquid splash. The Standard Reflector took care for a beautiful shine on the liquid and it's splash, and the Softbox for a good lighting in general.


My assistant Matthias dropped the flask in the container of liquid while i was in charge of catching that right moment with my Camera. With a speed of 1/7000 s, the broncolor flash lights offer best quality for a perfect image.

Like I said, this shooting costs a lot of time and patience, because it can take a while until you are satisfied with the result.

These kind of shootings sure are a lot of fun, because you never know in advance what will turn out in the end. It's like a new and foreign world you are about to explore, and actually it's all about coincidence. I am looking forward to the next exciting shoot and especially using my broncolor equipment again.